Become a NERD using Domino V10

Christian Guedemann | 3 months ago | Comments
Nerds are very cool these days - but, you may ask, what has a NERD to do with Domino V10? Should they not all bleed yellow? Maybe, but behind the acronym NERD is a very compelling technology decision! But first, let us jump into the acronym:

N = Node.js - A nonblocking JavaScript engine based on Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine
E = Express - One of the most popular Node libraries, which turns Node into a REST API / HTML server
R = React (or, as I prefer, R = Really Cool User Interface) - React is a client JavaScript framework to build a brilliant user interface
D = Domino - Yes, Domino: something must be a store for all the data and even more (i.e. business logic)

Node.js, JavaScript... some of you may say "finally!", others not. Either way, Node.js is one of the most sucessful platforms and has with NPM the largest Open Source ecosystem. And, you may ask, why? Let me quote one of the German Node.js influencers, Golo Roden (@goloroden): solutions in JavaScript have to be simple and clean or they will be replaced by simple and clean solutions. Express is one of the best examples. Two lines of code and you have configured a server for static HTML files. Two more lines and a REST API is running.

Another popular framework is Passport. Passport provides integration with a huge variety of different identity and authentication providers. You want to use Facebook? With Passport, no problem: done with just a few lines of code.

Node.js is the glue between your front end and your clever backend services. A lot of integration problems are already solved by the power of this huge Open Source ecosystem. It makes complete sense to leverage this power for Domino application. In addition, with NERD, we have the potential to attract a huge community of JavaScript developers. We are talking about 4.5 million developers according to LinkedIn. And it seems that in the year 2018 JavaScript will be the most popular language!

Dear NERDs let's get ready for domino-db, the integration point for Node.js. Let's explore a whole new universe of possibilities!

What can you do until then:
1. Download an IDE that is good for developing Node.js application. As a Swiss guy, I recommend Visual Studio Code:
2. Do some baby steps to explore Express:
3. Stay tuned for my next blog post

Have fun,

OpenNTF Board of Directors 2018

Paul Withers | 4 months ago | Comments
Following the call for nominations, the new board has been elected by acclamation.

The Member Directors have been returned for another two years:

Serdar Basegmez, Developi Information Systems
Adam Foster, Oval
Jesse Gallagher, I Know Some Guys
Christian Güdemann, Webgate
Douglas Robinson, Prominic

They join the other Member Directors who still have one year left of their term:

Martin Donnelly - IBM
Paul Withers - Intec Systems Ltd
Oliver Busse -  We4IT
Nathan T Freeman - Red Pill Now

Two of the Contributor Directors chose to stand again:

Nina Wittich
Fredrik Norling

Padraic Edwards chose not to stand and we thank him for his work on the board. To replace him we have Graham Acres of Brytek Systems Inc., IBM Champion and member of the Cross Canada Collaboration User Group. With Domino V10 just around the corner, now is an exciting time.

OpenNTF Elections

Paul Withers | 4 months ago | Comments
It's the time of year when we invite anyone interested in participating in OpenNTF's Board of Directors to submit their names to ip-manager at

Employees of member organizations may be nominated as a Member Director – with a two-year term.  There are five such board positions open for election.

Contributors may be nominated as a Contributor Director – with a one year term.  There are three such board positions open for election.  

The following Member Directors' terms expire this year. They may, of course, run again for another two year
Serdar Basegmez, Developi Information Systems
Adam Foster, Oval
Jesse Gallagher, I Know Some Guys
Christian Güdemann, Webgate
Douglas Robinson, Prominic

The terms of the three Contributor Directors expire this year.  Again, they have the option of running again.  They are:
Padraic Edwards
Nina Wittich
Fredrik Norling

Election schedule:

Nominations open until September 23rd
Circulation of Candidate Statements September 24th
Voting from September 24th to 29th
The winners take office on Oct 11th